Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween

Dear Family,

Happy Halloween! So today I dressed up as Grant (p-day clothes) and went Trick or Treating at the Sisters house. They gave us homemade mango flavored popsicles. That was good. Then we dropped off one of Elder Hutber´s ties for them to sew. After that Elder Hutber and I went to Santa Maria and walked on the beach. It was cool. We found some random seats set on the beach. Which at first doesn´t seem too strange until you realize that they are seats like you´d see in a waiting room or something. The weather was very pleasant and we got out early enough that the tourists didn´t start invading the beaches until we were ready to leave.

This past week has been full of finding new people to teach. And it looks like my next few weeks are going to be busy busy busy. Which is good.

So... Yea. I really can´t think of anything else to say. Pictures!

Elder Peterson

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